Brooke Brown PhD.



Brooke Brown PhD. - Professional Presentations
Mind-Body Medicine

As a Wellness Consultant, I help individuals learn to offset the negative effects of stress in their lives and increase their coping skills. My goal is to help people move towards greater health and balance, given the challenges that everyday life poses.

Depression, anxiety, grief, illness, life changes, and aging are but some of the challenges that cause stress. As an experienced psychotherapist, I offer a warm, confidential place where clients can discuss their concerns—no matter how large or small.

Each person is unique, and I gear my work to each client's particular needs. My approach is holistic, and I incorporate my background and training in transpersonal psychology, Buddhist psychology, vipassana meditation, and mind-body medicine into my work.

As well as working with individuals, I lead Mind-Body Medicine Skills groups periodically.

I am also available for phone consultations.