Brooke Brown, Ph.D.

Mind-Body Medicine views the mind, body, and behavior as interconnected. Thus, our emotions, thoughts and beliefs, spiritual needs, behavior, and social factors affect our well-being. A Mind-Body Medicine approach to wellness emphasizes techniques and skills that are non-medicinal such as: relaxation, imagery, nutrition, movement, biofeedback, meditation, expressive arts, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and group support.

Stress impacts our immune system, making us more vulnerable to illness. Mind-body skills counter the negative effects of stress and assist individuals maintain their well-being.

Mind-body skills may help individuals who suffer from coronary artery disease, arthritis, and other chronic pain-related disorders as well as emotional challenges such as anxiety and depression.

I have found the imagery exercises and meditation most helpful in managing the stress that continually builds with my job.

                                                                             --Gloria R.

I've always had trouble relaxing, especially alone. After three classes I had panic attacks twice during the weekend when my girlfriend was away, but both times I was able to calm myself by using the techniques I had learned and get back to enjoying my time. This is a major victory for me! This class is the real deal! I recommend it to those who want to use proven methods to take command of their mental and spiritual health.

                                                                             --Michael W.